At just 2100 sf this comfortable, luxurious hi-tech retreat offers impressive living and office amenities for the owner, a top lawyer of a prominent Arizona legal firm.

This Man Cave Cabana is located in the back yard of an established Biltmore Residence. Walk past the main home following a sandstone path meandering past the water garden gurgling with several waterfalls- including one coming right off the front of this personal Office Villa!

Sculpted sweeping geometry of this small home are trimmed in copper, sandstone and redwood exteriors with black granite and stainless steel accents fitted together with amazing precision.

This was one of Jeff's first desert commissions as SpaceLineDesign Arizona back in 1996, and was lucky enough to be featured on the weekly television show HGTV: Unique Desert Homes, as well as published in several magazines and books from the US, UK, Turkey and in the UAE.