The rugged Hajar Mountains ring the city while this rocky hillside setting offers great positioning to take in distant city lights set against the shimmering Gulf of Oman. 

With careful positioning, we were able to preserving the existing mature trees and nestle this home against the rugged desert mountains. Major views orient towards the north guarding against the relentless summer sun while providing massive vista views and open floor plan. Here we have a delightful interplay of open rooms and multi-levels, connected by gentle steps, ramps, stairs and elevator.

Main living room has full ceiling skylight with deep geometric webs and reflective glass, allowing spangled sunlight throughout the interior spaces but blocking the excessive solar gain. Ample allocation for art display has been integrated throughout this home as well as a 1500 sf dedicated art gallery and two home office spaces as well as a built-in wood shop.

A spiral stair leads to the rooftop aerie for evening star gazing, relaxing and cocktails.