Example #2 of Our Custom Residential Floor Plans (swipe left)

Elegant Entry
Integrated Technicals

Ten foot tall entry door gently swings open, suspended from twin slender concrete fins and flanked either side by black stacked stone walls, inset with columns of living plants- providing a shady and cool looking main entry. 

Step thru into the dramatic Foyer, opening up to the Formal Living Rm framed behind seven towering white arched columns reaching skywards in support of the articulated ceiling twenty feet above.

The Main Living Ceiling area is a graceful intersection of long arcs converging towards a northern focus and the back yard views, bisected by a central light feature complimenting the strong geometric lines of the broad flat roof, shielding the ribbon of clerestory windows resting under the protective roof overhangs.

From the Main Living Room you can engage easily with the Kitchen and Back Patios and can see the Formal Dining Room with it's wood floor elevated 4" and window wrapped all sides offering plush views into the desert garden.


Walking further along the hall way towards the master Bedroom and pass by stone walled art gallery and up a couple gentle steps towards the dramatic distant art wall and full height sliding door, opening into the Master Bedroom Suite with its cozy Book Nook overlooking the backyard garden pool and patio. 

Blocking the intense summer sun and heat is always a prime directive of SpaceLineDesign and on this rectangular property, the orientation allowed our main facade to face due south- so with proper roof overhangs it's easy to block the direct sunshine and to keep it off the entry path and front door.

To the North we have our big full window-wall views and large roof courtyard opening directly out to the pool and patios and backyard play zones.

We always try to integrate as much responsible design into our projects and here we are using Massive Roof Overhangs, Super Insulated Exterior Walls and Roof, Ultra high-efficiency Variable Refrigerant Flow A/C system creating a Ductless Distribution, AND we are implementing a unique Hot-Air Ceiling Siphon to extract hot stratified upper air and draw that tempered air down into the 'hot' garage, then outside to moderately cool the garage through conditioned air recovery.

Through this and other good design practices we will create an efficient, functional, cost effective and beautiful living environment.