20,000 sf of mixed Office and VIP Residential facilities boasting 4 Master Suites + 8 double Guest Suites, resident guest chef and Gourmet Kitchen plus Day Spa and Office Conference facilities for groups up to 24 people.

Situated on a breathtaking mountain aerie just north of Los Angeles along the California coast, ergonomically nestled into the rocky topography in careful harmony with the natural surroundings. (...after we cut the road all the way to the top ;)

The building typology is experimental in that the cross-sectional profile is actually just one simple extruded shape, identical across the entire building length and staggered to accommodate site topography. This extruded form is created on top of a stabilized poured concrete foundation using an automated synthetic concrete slip-cast forming machine.

This design like some others shown on our website are conceptual building studies that can be modified and reinterpreted according to actual site and client requirements.