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How to design a custom home or office building.  

 We begin all new designs with the Concept Discovery: Phase One

The beginning stage of any project is the evaluation of all aspects related to the project constraints and objectives so that we are able to fully understand the design Scope including all the functional requirements of your design Program, Styling, Budget and Timelines.

To uncover these mysterious design directions, we utilize years of design expertise~ coupled with state of the art computer software to digitally lay out the functional building areas on the Site, and to identify major influencers such as topography, vegetation, building setbacks, site coverage, solar and wind, vehicle access, views (good and bad) and many other factors.  

Our Concept Plans evolve through dozens of iterations on the path to becoming highly functional, unique and delightful presentations. 

 "We love to make Incredible Floor Plans, Poetic Geometries and super realistic Virtual World Presentations of your new project designs!"


We explore multiple design options in the process of discovering the emerging design aesthetic for every new project. Early on we begin working through combination of sketches, floor plans and 3D virtual fly-thru models and animations showing exterior and interior concepts set in the actual site context.

Through this impressive and graphically beautiful methodology we present the complete design character of your project, in super realistic movie fly-throughs and with dozens of colored renderings showing impressive views and unique design events as they happen!
(Please allow 2-3 months for this Concept Design process.)


Now Offering VIrtual Reality Tours of your New Designs!

"Come immerse yourself in a professional 3D Panoramic World and stand inside your new architectural design and experience the Virtual Ambiance and architectural beauty of your new space- see the realistic relationships of the designed forms, the geometric layers, the articulation of windows, walls and halls...come see the fire place and furniture, study the materials and lighting, views and plants and experience the actual feel of your new space and...Fall in love with your new SpaceLine Design before its even built!"


After this Phase One Concept Discovery, the project moves into the next stage of design development called: Construction Documents Phase. 

During this Construction Document Phase, SLD Architects will produce the very detailed Autocad REVIT drawings used to properly construct our nice designs and to obtain accurate contractor bidding and Construction Permits. We will always represent the Client's interests in our interactions and selection and coordination of all sub consultants such as MEP+S (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Structural) and other specialized consultants required to arrive at the final design Construction Drawings and Permits with competitive, accurate Bid Pricing. (Please allow 3-5 months for this Construction Documents Process plus One month to obtain Permits.)

With thorough, accurate, and well-designed Construction Documents, you'll get:

  • Comprehensive Guidelines outlining intended Design Directions and Functional Operations.
  • Construction Documents to control and obtain accurate costing and timelines.
  • Confidence and Fewer Problems while investing your capital into complicated built structures.


"SpaceLineDesign Architects- We shape more than just Spaces and Places-
  We shape the World around You."

Design partners Jeff & Mahsa Page have created multiple unique spaces in many parts of the globe and have over 20 years US based design expertise, plus a recent eight years of international design experience centered in Dubai and other countries.

We offer design consulting to clients the world over: Custom Residential, Vacation Villas, Homes, Apartments, Offices and Commercial Buildings, Master Planned Communities and Tropical Island Resorts.

Mahsa Page is Director of Interior Design and is also an accomplished Fashion Designer.

Call or email us with your project ideas, we'll be happy to offer professional thoughts and planning strategy for responsible, creative building designs, tailored for today's modern lifestyle.



Share with us your vision, let us transform the dreams.

We take great ideas and make them real, showing full process, easy to understand designs created in full digital 3D and Permit & Construction Drawings developed using REVIT (Next Gen ACAD), and presented through 3D Visualizations, Realistic fly-thrus & Virtual Reality Panoramic Goggle Views.


SLD Creates world class visions for complex communities.

Full scope, large scale property analysis, Master Planning, Conceptual Evaluations, Statistics plus multi-team Consultant Management for mixed-use subdivisions, commercial office parks, private islands and more.


Bring a fresh perspective to your already great portfolio.

Offer Your Clients Exceptional Custom Designs, Technically Accurate and Creative Building Plans, now produced in REVIT (next gen ACAD)- virtual 3D walkthroughs, Showcase Beautiful Renderings, Animated Presentations and Instagram Videos of your projects.


We are experts in evaluating the possible.

Call us to get project assessments, opinions, concept idea sketches, quick color design studies, and many other technical and creative design services to augment your offerings of value to clients.


At SLD Architects, we deliver detailed, comprehensive Construction Docs to accurately build beautiful Custom Homes and Commercial Designs.

We have 20 years experience developing Community Master Plans, Clever Building Designs and Custom Floor plans throughout Arizona, plus an additional 10 years international design experience in eleven countries, interacting with local clients, consultants and building departments. Using all latest technologies such as Revit and 3d Virtual Reality, we design and coordinate the entire range of CustomArchitectural Design, Engineering, Code Compliance, Permit Submittals, Construction Bidding and Project Administration.

Call now to chat about your project ideas and learn how we can work together to envision your new custom designs.

SpaceLineDesign Architects have designed many iconic projects in several global locations including: New York, Phoenix, Seattle and Internationally in Dubai and Abu Dhabi-UAE, plus Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Muscat-Oman, Kuwait, Kerala-India, Bali-Indonesia, Lombok-Indonesia, Dar es Salaam-Tanzania, Abuja-Nigeria, Kinshasa DR Congo, Majorca Spain.