SpaceLineDesign Floor Plans are Exciting, Unique...and Highly Functional!

Dubai Concept Designs

  All New Designs begin with the Concept Discovery: Phase One

The beginning stage of any project is the evaluation of all aspects related to the project constraints and objectives...but first we need to fully understand the design Scope, the functional Program, the Styling, Budget and Timelines.

To uncover these mysterious design directions, we utilize years of design expertise~ coupled with state of the art computer software to digitally lay out the functional building areas on the Site, and to identify major influencers such as topography, vegetation, property setbacks, site coverage, solar and wind, vehicle access, views (good and bad) and many other factors.  

Our Concept Plans evolve through dozens of iterations on the path to becoming highly functional, unique and delightful presentations. 

"We love to make incredible floor plans, poetic geometries and super realistic virtual world presentations of your new project designs!"


As we discover the emerging design aesthetic, we create multiple design studies and animations showing exterior and interior concepts set in the actual site context.

Through this impressive and graphically beautiful methodology we can present the complete design character of your project, in super realistic movie fly-throughs and dozens of colored renderings showing impressive views and unique design events as they happen!


After Phase One Concept Discovery, the project moves into further design development during the subsequent Construction Documents Phase. 

During these subsequent Design Development Phases, SLD Architects represents the Client's interests and interacts with all parties, guides the selection and coordination of all sub consultants such as MEP+S (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Structural) and other specialized consultants to arrive at the final design Tender Documents and obtain Construction Permits and competitive, accurate Bid Pricing.

With thorough, accurate, and well-designed Tender Documents, you'll get:

  • Comprehensive Guidelines to foresee all Design Directions and Functional Operations.
  • Construction Documents to control and obtain accurate costing and timelines.
  • Confidence and Fewer Problems while investing your capital into complicated built structures.



Following the Concept Design, Phase I comes Construction Documents Phases II, III and IV.

These are the very detailed set of drawings that builds upon the design directions as already developed.

This effort will eventually lead to Permit and Tender Construction Documents when combined with the Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Structural drawing sets under additional engineering agreements.

The full contractor Tender Documents will consist of the Architectural, plus MEP&S Permit Set plus the Interior Design Package.

Landscape Drawings should be developed concurrently with main building drawings. This service covers specific detailed Landscaping Design with site considerations such as: vehicular and pedestrian circulation, parking,storm water runoff, plot access, trees and plant specie coordination, irrigation, lighting, pathways and pavers, steps and edging, custom details such as pools and water falls, BBQ and decking, boundary wall security and many other relevant site development considerations. 

 Additional detailed specific Interior Design services can also be offered covering items such as: built in cabinetry, specialty items, selection and specification of flooring, wall finishes, colors, lighting, and materials as desired by client.

Design service for FF&E (Fixture Furnishings Equipment), Soft Furnishing selection; fabrics, drapes and furnishings coordination, procurement and site delivery is also something we love to do.

After carefully preparing the detailed Construction Documents and obtaining Permits to Build, then follows the Contractor Tender, Selection and Award process that signals the official Start of the Project.

SpaceLineDesign offers Full Management of these critical steps and will advise the Client on best methodologies, timelines, value engineering and governing authority procedures for efficient execution of the Project. 

SLD Architects offers various structured support services to represent the Owners interests in providing ongoing site visits during construction to insure proper execution of Architectural Field Work, to problem solve issues, value engineer options and oversee construction process, produce additional drawings and reference diagrams and modification or implementation of various design items as desired by the Owner or as required by the Contractor to execute work.