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Architect Jeffrey H Page established SLD Architects LLC, in Scottsdale Arizona 1996 after 9 years as a young licensed architect in Syracuse New York. 

The Arizona desert offers some of the most beautiful environments in which to design creative, responsible, sensitive architecture, you can see many examples of our unique residential and commercial style around the valley.

Architect Jeff Page now has over 27 years multi-faceted design experience with many outstanding building design projects across the USA from New York to Seattle to Phoenix to Los Angeles. 

Since 2008 we have been providing Architectural Design and Concept Development for bespoke projects throughout the UAE in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and have commissioned designs in India, Africa, Pakistan, Indonesia, Oman, Kuwait, KSA, and now for 2017 we have new projects in UAE, Majorca Spain, Puerto Rico as well as our home city of Phoenix Arizona!     

 “We're always interested to chat about your design ideas, in any part of the world.”

SLD is focused on providing unique, highly functional, Creative Concept Planning and refined multi-dimensional Design Development. We listen to your ideas and your desires, we evaluate Project Scope and then proceed in developing well-studied Site & Master Plan Layouts, Creative-Functional Floor Plans, Inspired Building Geometries... all clearly Presented through superlative 3D modeled videos and Vibrant Presentations, enabling your complete understanding of the Design and informed Feedback during the Creative Development Process.

  “All projects begin with an investigation of the possible; progress through meticulous study; and evolve into majestic designs.”

Mr Page received his early education in Mathematics & Sciences in OCC, Syracuse New York 1986, Studied Aerospace Engineering at Iowa State University 1984, he received his second degree in Architecture from OCC, Syracuse NY and furthered his undergrad studies of Architecture at Arizona State University in 1988.

Mr Page has two professional USA licenses to practice Architecture:
   University of the State of New York, #024703 issued in 1994. 
   Arizona State Board of Technical Registration AZBTR #33127 issued in 1998.

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